Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break Part 1 - Philly

Out after finals (at a bar named figuro)... judith with her huge pesto sandwich.

Jen pouts.

Jimmy, exhausted.

Xinger and I were planning out our spring break (that's my brother sleeping in the back).

Chillin at coach (still planning...).

My brother and his WoW.

Yes! We're finally going somewhere.

Of course, we'll need cash...

Ko, our driver and trip organizer for philly.

Chris, too cool to chat with us during the whole ride there.

Dinner on the way.

An intimate moment.

Xinger showcasing the brokeback shirt.

Ed and Grace... with Teresa and Ko in the back.

Chug chug chug...

Thanks ed, for letting us stay over.

A lil' relieve for xinger...

Worst place to get philly's cheesesteak.


Teresa just took out ko's nuts.


Present for ed's neighbor.


xingeronie said...

it was good man. maybe we shoulda stayed in philly. canada was a trip and a half. i dont think its fair to call cowboy cut shirts brokeback shirt. its almost a oxymoron. you see cowboy dress shirts represent the conservative working class... the blue collar demographic who dont have time to be gay. so that shirt should not be called a "brokeback" shirt.


12:00 AM  

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