Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break Part 2 - Montreal

Taipei Noodle and 24.

Another road trip!

Karena at the outlets (but it was judith who was the big spender).

Brokeback moment.

After 5 hours on the road... canada!

First time in a canadian bathroom, eh?

Notre-Dame Basilica

Escargot (or snail) dumpling.. mad good.

Feasting on dessert.

A street in old montreal.

Thanks val, for hooking us up.

One of many strip clubs along Rue St. Catherine.

Karina, a nice lounge.

Jaeger bombs.

Cute bartender. (think her name was natalie)

Judith chattin' it up.

Plastic hens are everywhere in this breakfast place.

Hmm... what to get?

Fruit crepes, meat crepes... any crepe you can think of.

Mall adjacent to our hotel (the Hyatt Regency).

Peace, montreal!


xingeronie said...

if montreal was destroyed tomorrow i would feel bad that val was gone. BUT he probably would be fine, he'd probably be in mexico chasing girls and drinking beers.

12:03 AM  

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