Monday, March 27, 2006


First, I have to say that this year's Dance is the best I've ever witnessed. From BC escaping in double OT in the first round to George Mason's OT win over UConn to reach the final four (which busted everyone's brackets), the games in this year's tournament were thrilling and entertaining. This is sports at its best. Now, onto the SVOSH and poker tourneys...

My partner for ping-pong and beer pong (the unofficial SVOSH event).

Ray and scott (our opponent after we dispatched rob and a.tran).

This one's going in...

Clarissa and karena (I always mix up their names).

Who's kim flippin' off? And what is krishna staring at?

Ray and scott celebrating.

Lacey and her boy Tim (3rd place winner).

My stash at one point (before I got dicked over by tim).

Ray's buddy jerry.

Anh's jersey friends eric and dan (1st place winner).


What is that between kristine's teeth?!?


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