Saturday, April 22, 2006

Grab Life By The Balls

It is surprisingly entertaining. If you want to cheer for us, it's on wednesday nights at the new YMCA on houston and bowery.

Team Suny-D

On a separate note, this article on google's censored search engine in china is good (albeit long) read.


xingeronie said...

grab life by the balls. Man i bet those are some huge balls to grab. That phrase does make me think though... You know where i am now in my life is a huge fork in the road. This next year, my senior year could very well determine the direction i follow for a very long period of time. So what should i choose, what should i do? oh the confusion. Whatever it may be heres some attributes it should have. 1. never be boring 2. support me 3. satisfies me 4. not for me but for a greater good ... ya i ran out of ideas. Anyways im nervous, what will i become, what will i do, my gosh i do not want to live at home, but i dont want to go too far away, im scared to be on my own yet im excited to do it. DUDE how lucky are we(this just hit me)? to even have a choice? to be able to have the freedom to have a say in our lives, to have all our basic needs met, and whats left is all gain. to be able to grab life by the balls, thats amazing.

12:07 AM  
j said...

hey! long time no talk. how are you?? glad to see you're taking advantage of...everything life has to offer. haha...take care carson.

2:07 AM  
Grace said...

there was something about that on sproul. i tried it out and it's true! crazy scary.

4:28 AM  
Yating said...

I just checked your profile and clicked on this link. :) would love to see you play! (perhaps in the fall when i'm back in ny?)

12:37 AM  

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