Monday, April 03, 2006


Pigeons chillin' at the corner of broadway and 43rd.

Eugene played a nice song last wednesday, and it is currently the prayer of my heart:

Jesus I love you, for when I was blind and lost
You shed for all your enemies, your blood upon the cross
Because you have loved me, now I can love You too
Your love flows deep into my heart, then I send it back to you

And Jesus, our love will only grow much deeper
Sustained from above by your overflowing grace
And Jesus, our love will only grow much sweeter
And someday we shall be together face to face


xingeronie said...

hey carson im so happy to hear that you are tutoring lawrence, thats awesome work. (thought i told you that we dont stop x2) anyways i like that prayer you have there. heres mine for this year (and the rest of my life): Lord you are our all in all. everything and everywhere we fall short in you complete. everything we need you provide, you are our all in all. So Lord please help this heart of mine, be still in my life. Help me realize that you will provide for me, and that i need not to worry. i spend all day and night wondering where this life will take me, but you promised me a path and you have shown your way, let my eyes be inline with yours, my song in tune with yours, and my heart like yours. amen!

im in this class called dicipleship, and everyweek all we talk about is our walk with Jesus and how we can make it stronger. its kinda like a graded sunday school/ leadership program. i love it! the course assignement everyweek is to have at least 1 hour of quiet time for reflection and thought (something i should be doing anyways) its really been a blessing on my heart!

alrighty, im off to my night class now... post more because i like to leave comments :)

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