Saturday, April 08, 2006

Study Break

Didn't study enough today, and I went shopping too... eh well. New skicks, jeans, and softball mitt, just in time for spring. Here are pics from the past couple of weeks.

Brian in the teardrop suit at the vision expo.

Melanie, my lab partner this quarter, with polarized glasses (for the stereopsis test).

It's thursday...

...which necessitated a lil' moonshine.

Got john starks' signature at a charity basketball game.

Here's the man himself...

...with darryl "the chocolate thunder" dawkins...

...and stephen a. smith from espn!

My new strada for the next year or two, find me there (corner of 41st and broadway) if you want to study.


Grace said...

you drink in class? no one goes to strada anymore. it's so boring around here.

4:42 AM  

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