Saturday, June 10, 2006

HK Day 1

*warning: shopping and eating will be the main theme of this trip
** pics will come later, as soon as I can upload them

It's 7am... just went down to get some coffee (walked past a bunch of grandmas doing tai-chi). I'm staying at my uncle's place at Nam Tin, and he lives on top of the subway station with a shopping plaza so everything is assessible here.

Yesterday I went to visit my grandma, and the place she's living is straight out of the "Young and Dangerous" set. It was emotional to see her... when I was younger she raised me when my parents were working, and I haven't seen her since she visited around 6 years ago. I truly missed her. Also, the frailty of a 86 year-old is striking when it applies to someone you love. I thank God for blessing her with health and vitality at such an advanced age, but I can't help but to think this might be the last time I'll see her. This is why I'm eating dim-sum with her every morning... just to be around. I know my dad has been trying to open the Gospel to her, and perhaps this week I can contribute. We'll see.

After dim-sum with grandma we went shopping, and shopping is all you do here. It's ridiculous how many malls and shops they have here, all over hk. But, if you've been here before, you know that Mongkok is where EVERYTHING is, so we went there to look at stuff. My brother wanted a camera and I had a shopping list to go through (included below), so we went to check out prices. We walked around the whole day, and, during the course of the day we went to this mall that is humongous. Going up the escalator is like going up the ramp on a six-flags ride. To end the day, we had dinner with my dad's side of the family.

what I started with
1. suit
2. cell phone
3. sneakers
4. optical frames
5. comics

extra stuff I got
6. a shirt
7. a travel bag


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