Sunday, June 11, 2006

HK Day 2

Okay... I'm done shopping. After another day of walking around malls trying to find things... suits don't fit here because men here have tiny shoulders, comics... way too many to choose from (I think I'm just going to get some anime DVDs.. easier to carry)... I'm done. Plus, my cash supply is diminishing. Just going to go with the flow now. Eat, sightsee, and, for today... go chill with my brother's fob friends. And yeah, every time I see my grandma it hits a soft spot. She's losing some hearing, and some short-term memory, and it's just sad. But I'll try to see her everyday I'm here... going to have to breakfast with her now.

what I started with
1. suit
2. cell phone
3. sneakers
4. optical frames

5. anime

extra stuff I got
6. a shirt
7. a travel bag


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