Tuesday, June 13, 2006

HK Day 4

Went to an optometrist/optician to get a pair of glasses today... the lady was real nice and she used an auto-refractor, trial lenses, and the portable JCC to refract me... the whole process took like ten minutes. There wasn't a foropter (too big, too expensive for a HK optical shop), and the prescription was a lil' off from the 3rd year who did me a week before I left (although she could be wrong as well...), but for $125 you can't really complain, especially with my prescription.

Oh, and World Cup is huge here... and it prompted me to purchase a Holland team jersey. It was either that or the Brazil one, and I chose the Holland one because it has a collar on it, so it looks more like a polo.

what I started with
1. suit
2. cell phone
3. sneakers
4. optical frames

5. anime

extra stuff I got
6. a shirt
7. a travel bag
8. glasses with lenses
9. Holland team jersey


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