Friday, July 07, 2006

Back To Basics

Still have to put up hk pics... but yes, the hk trip came and gone. The cali/vegas trip too, came and gone (pics can be found here). But it wasn't until the self-imposed reflection time that I took the week after vegas that I found new sense of direction for my life. Yesterday when I was at fellowship I realized that, yes, this is what I craved the most. I'm the happiest when I'm sharing and putting others before myself... both of which I haven't done enough in the past couple of months now. Listed below are some of the questions that I've been wrestling with... some are from friends, and some are from myself.

Why can't I say no? I need to be truer to myself.

Why do I run away from my responsibilities at a time when there's a need for my talents?

How did I get to be this selfish and angry?

Why am I all talk and no action? This needs to be reversed.

And, as Pastor Roger pointed out, how many loaves do I have?


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