Monday, July 24, 2006

Cali/Vegas Trip

Pics galore... didn't take much in vegas cause well, I was busy with other things... :-) No no, nothing crazy... didn't even club at all. I learned how to play craps, chilled at a bunch of lounges (Wynn is the place to be) and downed like 3 yard-long margaritas... they are mad good.

Part 1 - Berkeley

Having lunch with Tim (we flew together) and his relatives.

Chillin at Strada!! How I miss this place...

Having a great time listening to jazz with Justin, Bryan, and other old friends at Paragon, in the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. It was real chills (courtesy of Lin).

Mel and Amy

Will and Lorraine

Who knows what Yihhan was trying to convince the girls to do...

Ahh... Sproul plaza at 7:30am. I was just soaking in the serenity waiting to pick up my diploma.

Part 2 - Trip down to LA

Tim, Phuong, James and I at In-N-Out... good stuff. (although the guacamole bacon cheeseburger at Carl's Jr. was better in my opinion)

We took a detour to some random dutch town called Solvang to drop off Jenny with her family.

Stopped by Santa Barbara as well, chilled with my cousin Lizzy.

Santa Barbara at sunset.

At Marcy's place (Rob's gf)... the blow-up doll you see sitting on James is well, also named James...

Picking up some java at Coffee Bean before heading off to the beach.

Some beach by Newport beach... it's absolutely amazing.

Part 3 - Vegas

Sarah ironing our shirts... she said she "loves" doing it. What a weirdo...

...and as you can see, here's the other weirdo, Alice.

Tina and I, chillin at the pool in Luxor (where we stayed at).

Judith and I at the closing ceremony.

Paris. We were strolling down the strip in 80-degree weather...

Bellagio... it's gorgeous, really.

Mr. Ip at Imperial Palace.

Judith's passed out in the diner at Barbary Coast (it was like, 4 in the morning).

B.Lee, finally finding time to join the crew after leaving Krista to her sleep....

Got body searched the way back... great way to end the trip.


lizzie said...

hey carson! i just found out that you posted the pic of us up after what seems like centuries later :) well, hope you're doing good!

1:19 AM  

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