Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Got off the bus, walked home, and I was SOAKED by one of those periodic t-storms... and I must say, I loved it. After a hard day of work, it's always relaxing to walk in the rain. Everything just slows down. Research is finally starting to pick up... hopefully things will come together by the end of the week. Just had dinner with my canto bro kevin... it was great catching up on stuff since he moved to Staten Island not long ago. I've decided that him and I and whoever's from home that works in the city should dine out once a month... it's the right thing to do.

Finally... HK pics.

My brother. Early in the morning, not awake (neither was I).

The escalator leading to the subway from my cousin's apartment complex in Nam Tin (where we stayed at).

Grams! The reason I went back to HK. Thank God she's healthy and well.

Dad and grandma... I love this pic.

I used to live on the 9th floor of this building in Whampoa, right before I moved to the states.

Dad munching it up in Maxim, a fast food joint.

Grandma doing the same.

My aunt, she's a fashion designer and we were chillin at her boutique.

My cousin Jacky cooking dinner.

My brother and his fob friends from penn state.

I'm hanging this one on the wall.

My brother and I, waiting around in Causeway Bay for my uncle to get off work.

My uncle Amos showing me how we can chat on skype.

The famous HK harbor skyline.

I had like, 3 pints of these huge Hoegaardens. Good stuff.

Street corner in Tsim Sha Tsui... we were walking around, chilling, before dinner.

Randomly met angela and fish (two berkeley friends) on the subway... decided to meet up the day after for lunch.


Anonymous said...

wow those glasses are very fobby...

1:49 PM  
Grace said...

yeah what is with the white glasses...

your aunt looks really young and your bro looks more normal than you. oh oops did i say that? :P jk

12:40 AM  

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