Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pika and Jars

Lots happened over the past few days. Let's work backwards.


Finally finished my presentation and paper... what a relief. Stayed in school till 9 the past two days and brought work home with me too... it sucked. But I'm real thankful that it's done. Now I just need to present it friday... let's hope I don't sound like the fool that I am.



10th year anniversary of pokemon at bryant park (right outside my school). There were kids running around with their parents non-stop from 10 to 5. Can't believe it's 10 years already... I still have the red and the yellow cartridge from high school.


Monday was all work, but sunday... b.lee, james, laura, mary and I went to see jars of clay at b.b.king (on 42nd). The place was small and there wern't too many people so we were right up next to the stage... I've never been THIS close before:

The guy that opened for them, christopher williams, was awesome. His lyrics are so honest, and he's mad good on the guitar. Check out his website.

Laura and b.lee took the playlist from jars afterwards.


Annual rafting trip with CT elmhurst... unlike last year where we were practically rowing on a lake, this year we actually saw some rapids. My raft just owned the river. My raft had great chemistry... dot, shurono, cpan and xlan powered the engine while ko and I alternated between steering and attacking with buckets. We were like pirates looting left and right... people, buckets, paddles. It was a GREAT time... I would've posted pictures but the river took xian's camera... sorry man... I think it's time to check out the latest digital offerings.


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