Thursday, September 28, 2006


Television is taking over my life. Here's my lineup this fall... it is a lil' front-loaded...

Mon: Heroes, Studio 60, 24 (returns in january)
Tue: House, Nip/Tuck, Scrubs (returns in the spring)
Wed: Lost (starts Oct. 4)
Thu: (day off... yes I'm not watching grey's anatomy)
Fri: (day off... reach)
Sat: college football
Sun: (day off... study)

All the above... and the daily CSI reruns during dinner, and NBA league pass once the season starts... where's the time to study? Where's the time for God? Surprisingly q.t.'s been pretty good lately... mostly because school hasn't really picked up yet. But it will. So yes, I need to indulge in moderation...

In the premiere of Heroes, one character said this: "don't you sometimes feel like you're meant to be something more?" I totally feel the same way... there must be more to life than this. There must be. You've placed eternity in my heart... I know in my head that only You can satisfy. But yet, why don't I feel the same?

Haven't posted pics lately... mainly because I stopped pretending to be the amateur photographer. But I will start again... honestly I think pictures *are* worth a thousand words. The following, albeit random, are the only pics I've taken this month.

Recording pupillary movements in oculomotor lab (Robin was a great test subject).

Jack with the Nagel Anomaloscope (the only complete instrument for color vision deficiencies).

Mom and her brother (my uncle) from France when he visited.

Ashley and Mike (and the half-eaten pizza).

Before school started, spent a day at Tsuei's workplace. Here's Grace...

...and here's the man himself.

They seriously do absolutely nothing at work. We sat and chatted online all day, in the same room. I mean, I wanted to relax that day and I did, but I was also bored out of my mind. I can't see how they manage to be sane doing this every single day. But hey, it's a paycheck, right?


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