Thursday, November 16, 2006

1/2 Way Through

3 done finals, 3 more to go. I just hope that I'll be a better clinician than my scores indicate. Some questions to be answered: how can I make a difference? how can I apply my talents?

The song I'm obsessing over lately (download it):

May Your Wonders Never Cease - Third Day

Father in heaven
Lord may your name be glorified
Above all others, above all this world
Above everything else in our lives
For nothing else in all of this world matters
But to live our lives for you and you alone

May your wonders never cease
May your spirit never leave
May we ever long to see your face
And when we turn from you again
Oh how quickly we forget
May we be reminded of your grace
May your wonders never cease

Beautiful savior
Truly we praise your love for us
While we as sinners, in all our weakness
And still you gave your life on the cross
You saved us Lord from all of our trangressions
And delivered us into your loving arms

Tsuei, you took a risk for God, and I'm praying that you'll learn something from your missions trip (starting tomorrow). Come back a changed man.


Elaine Lin said...

i like lolita too!

12:55 PM  

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