Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sorry James...

Yes I was an asshole today. My fault.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bored In Class...

So we came up with a list of funny words:

nup cac (in vietnamese?)

Which one's your favorite?


First, I have to say that this year's Dance is the best I've ever witnessed. From BC escaping in double OT in the first round to George Mason's OT win over UConn to reach the final four (which busted everyone's brackets), the games in this year's tournament were thrilling and entertaining. This is sports at its best. Now, onto the SVOSH and poker tourneys...

My partner for ping-pong and beer pong (the unofficial SVOSH event).

Ray and scott (our opponent after we dispatched rob and a.tran).

This one's going in...

Clarissa and karena (I always mix up their names).

Who's kim flippin' off? And what is krishna staring at?

Ray and scott celebrating.

Lacey and her boy Tim (3rd place winner).

My stash at one point (before I got dicked over by tim).

Ray's buddy jerry.

Anh's jersey friends eric and dan (1st place winner).


What is that between kristine's teeth?!?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Eye Ball (Yes, it's cheesy.)

More eye ball pics at here and here. (pwd's eyes2020 if you need it)

Copacabana (lil' tipsy when I took this pic).

Hottest guys in our class.

Too cute.

More couples.

Tim, that ain't your girl ;-)

Funniest girls in our class.

Smartest girls in our class.

Diani, prowling the scene...

Big pimpin', spending Gs

Laura and gina gettin' down.

Gettin' smashed.

Who knew jenny's a drinker?

Timmy, clarissa, jimmy and I, chatting about life.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break Part 4 - Min's Birthday

Fun place if you don't come too often.

First thing I see when I come in...

Min and her crew.

Happy 25th, min. I bet they still check your ID.

Tsuei, sheesh, esther's back, and shortie.

Tsuei, on a mission to get min trashed...

...and, mission accomplished (after two 151 shots).



Dead weight.

Shortie wiped out next to the escalator.

Spring Break Part 3 - Jennie's Wedding

Congratulations Andy and Jennie!

Toby, checking out the bridesmaids.

Caren, fascinated by jeff's phone.

Susie making a point.

I wonder what I was pondering.

The groom and I.

Jeanne and her boy doug (really glad to see you're doing well).

Jean and dot.

Cheers! (all weddings should have open bar... and great appetizers)

Andy going for it?!!

Marc getting ready to get down.

Family on the dance floor.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ed doing their thang.

Spring Break Part 2 - Montreal

Taipei Noodle and 24.

Another road trip!

Karena at the outlets (but it was judith who was the big spender).

Brokeback moment.

After 5 hours on the road... canada!

First time in a canadian bathroom, eh?

Notre-Dame Basilica

Escargot (or snail) dumpling.. mad good.

Feasting on dessert.

A street in old montreal.

Thanks val, for hooking us up.

One of many strip clubs along Rue St. Catherine.

Karina, a nice lounge.

Jaeger bombs.

Cute bartender. (think her name was natalie)

Judith chattin' it up.

Plastic hens are everywhere in this breakfast place.

Hmm... what to get?

Fruit crepes, meat crepes... any crepe you can think of.

Mall adjacent to our hotel (the Hyatt Regency).

Peace, montreal!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break Part 1 - Philly

Out after finals (at a bar named figuro)... judith with her huge pesto sandwich.

Jen pouts.

Jimmy, exhausted.

Xinger and I were planning out our spring break (that's my brother sleeping in the back).

Chillin at coach (still planning...).

My brother and his WoW.

Yes! We're finally going somewhere.

Of course, we'll need cash...

Ko, our driver and trip organizer for philly.

Chris, too cool to chat with us during the whole ride there.

Dinner on the way.

An intimate moment.

Xinger showcasing the brokeback shirt.

Ed and Grace... with Teresa and Ko in the back.

Chug chug chug...

Thanks ed, for letting us stay over.

A lil' relieve for xinger...

Worst place to get philly's cheesesteak.


Teresa just took out ko's nuts.


Present for ed's neighbor.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Thank You for placing friends in my life that care about my spiritual life. I know You are here with me, even when I'm shying away.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Phuong at Klong

I promise I will post spring break pics soon, but today is phuong's 23rd birthday, so naturally, we dined.

The thai restaurant's on St. Mark's, and it ain't bad (especially with the buy one get one free beer special on tuesdays).

Thai iced tea.


B.Lee, the one shot wonder.

The thai birthday ice cream special, served on lotus leaves.

Hello World!

Can't believe I'm doing this again.