Saturday, April 22, 2006

Grab Life By The Balls

It is surprisingly entertaining. If you want to cheer for us, it's on wednesday nights at the new YMCA on houston and bowery.

Team Suny-D

On a separate note, this article on google's censored search engine in china is good (albeit long) read.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I am refreshed. Thank you Lord. And this song is currently on repeat on my ipod:

Something Beautiful
Jars of Clay

If you put your arms around me, could it change the way I feel?
I guess I let myself believe
That the outside might just bleed it's way in.
Maybe stir the sleeping past, lying under glass
Waiting for the kiss that breaks this awful spell
Pull me out... of this lonely cell.

Close my eyes and hold my heart
Cover me and make me something
Change this something normal
Into something beautiful.

What I get from my reflection isn't what I thought I'd see.
Give me reason to believe, never keep me incomplete.
Will you untie this loss of mine, it so easily defines me.
Do you see it on my face? And all I can think about is how long...
I've been waiting to feel you move me.

Close my eyes and hold my heart
Cover me and make me something
Change this something normal
Into something beautiful.

And I'm still fighting for the word to break these chains
And I still pray when I look in your eyes
You'll stare right back down
Into something beautiful.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Had to pull this off of b.lee's xanga. We debuted last year at suny's halloween party with the single "Eye, Eye, Eye"., c.dawg, b.train, j.deep, t.rock, j.bop

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Study Break

Didn't study enough today, and I went shopping too... eh well. New skicks, jeans, and softball mitt, just in time for spring. Here are pics from the past couple of weeks.

Brian in the teardrop suit at the vision expo.

Melanie, my lab partner this quarter, with polarized glasses (for the stereopsis test).

It's thursday...

...which necessitated a lil' moonshine.

Got john starks' signature at a charity basketball game.

Here's the man himself...

...with darryl "the chocolate thunder" dawkins...

...and stephen a. smith from espn!

My new strada for the next year or two, find me there (corner of 41st and broadway) if you want to study.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Map

What's in the Map? Freakin a... I'm totally suckered into this series...

Monday, April 03, 2006


Pigeons chillin' at the corner of broadway and 43rd.

Eugene played a nice song last wednesday, and it is currently the prayer of my heart:

Jesus I love you, for when I was blind and lost
You shed for all your enemies, your blood upon the cross
Because you have loved me, now I can love You too
Your love flows deep into my heart, then I send it back to you

And Jesus, our love will only grow much deeper
Sustained from above by your overflowing grace
And Jesus, our love will only grow much sweeter
And someday we shall be together face to face