Friday, January 26, 2007


Finally done with (and bombed) midterms. Sigh, I've done enough complaining and asking God for stuff that I don't deserve. So, in the order that it comes to mind, here's 25 things that I'm thankful for on my 25th birthday:

1. God hasn't, and never will, abandon me regardless of my innumerable sins.
2. Being alive, and in good health (I just had the flu, and the runs....).
3. Parents that love the Lord, and give me the freedom to make mistakes.
4. Guy love between the guys (you know who you are).
5. Home-cooked meals.
6. A brother that daily tolerates my nagging and annoying.
7. Feeling invincible once in awhile on the basketball court.
8. The passion and aptitude to read and learn.
9. Finally knowing what I want in a woman.
10. The few people who truly accepts me despite of who I am.
11. Hope and optimism without too much idealism mixed in.
12. Ability to analyze and assess relational situations.
13. Worship songs, and their lyrics. Especially those by Third Day.
14. Unceasing support and encouragement from friends and family for my missions.
15. An increasing (albeit slowly) desire for the Word.
16. My toyota corolla, where I introspect and host friends into deep conversations.
17. A cup of coffee every morning.
18. Comfortable living in the US.
19. The few that keep me accountable and responsible throughout the years.
20. Sports.
21. Humbling experiences (I'm thinking grades but there are definitely others).
22. All the stuff that I've learned while I was in missions.
23. My Macbook. Can't live without it.
24. All my beloved television shows.
25. The desire to find out my purpose in life (I'm not there yet, but I will be).


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