Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Picture Dump

Pics on my phone from the past few months...

Recently found this. Koms and grams... thanks for a fun and effervescent summer. I really appreciated our time together.

Aww... it's a rare james-mary sight.

Random heels in the subway. They say every shoe tells a story... wonder what's the story with this pair?

Merry christmas tsuei, may your wishes come true this year.

This is Steve Saint. Google him if you have no clue who he is. His testimony on the steven curtis chapman concert was powerful, and it was really surprising when he subbed in at the Urbana seminar that I was attending. Totally unexpected, and totally encouraging. Thanks.

St. Louis arch (not that impressive).

More guy love (even, or maybe especially, at urbana).

My oldest uncle from hk, vising for new year.

Broke a chair in lab (need to lose weight).

Tybee's all gangsta with the kangol beanie. Awesome.

Sam practicing for the swimsuit issue.

Last night at dinner for chinese new year with the family... and this is the BIGGEST shrimp I've ever seen (or been down my throat).


Tina said...

such a funny picture of komal and lynn..lol...and the mary and james picture = awwww....and the heels, thats just great. ohhhhh carson i'm so glad to be in SUNY with you. ok maybe not IN suny but def. glad to have met you.
<3 tina

2:07 AM  

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